Craigslist Personals Scam-What's Your IQ?

Sunday, January 17, 2010 by CL Scams | Posted in

During my browsing of the personals sections of Craigslist, I've been seeing this scam happening more and more lately. It's mostly been in the W4M sections, but I've come across it in the other sections as well.

So what is it?

Basically the ad posted looks like any other ad. Somebody looking for a hook up, date or relationship. But when you reply to the ad, you get an email back with a story telling you about their past relationship. They tell you how stupid their last date was and how he/she was just a complete moron with no common sense.

They go on to tell you what they are looking for in a partner, good looks, not over weight, normal, the usual stuff that everybody is looking for! They them mention that they are only Interested in seeing someone who is intelligent because they are tired of dating stupid people. They want someone they can have a real conversation with.

The then tell you to go to a website and take the free IQ test. It's fun, free and fast. Once you have completed the IQ test, the scammer tells you to send th your IQ score!

This is just another Craigslist scam that is preying on people who are willing to do anyhong for a hook up. The IQ test they send you to is just another way for the scammer to make an affiliate commission. Once you've taken the test and entered your email address and othe details, the scammer will be paid a commission for the lead.

I don't reccomend entering an infoation on these types of websites. Once the company has your email address, you will be bombarded with endless spam. And getting your email address off their mailing list is almost impossible.

So if you come across someone asking for your IQ score, move on. Find another ad. It's just another scammer.

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