About CL Scams

Thursday, October 1, 2009 by CL Scams

Who We Are

CL Scams is a website devoted to exposing the scammers that are slowly taking over Craigslist. CL Scams is always on Craigslist in search of the newest Craigslist scams. CL Scams exposes the scammers' methods, the ads they use, the email replys they use and even the websites they use.

Are There really Craigslist scammers?

Yes. Generally, they do what they do for one reason...money. A majority of the scams found on Craigslist involve the Personals Sections, the Real Estate Sections or the Jobs Sections. They try to lure you into visiting their website and filling out personal information about yourself so they can collect their affiliate commissions.

There are also Craigslist scams designed to get your personal information that will later be used for more serious crimes, including Identity Theft.

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