Common Craigslist Personals Section Scam-Real Example

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While I was browsing earlier in the Casual Encounters W4M section on Craigslist, I randomly responded to five different ads. Four out of those five ads were placed by scammers.

How can I tell if an ad is placed by a scammer? I reply to the ad with an email that says nothing but "Test".

Here is one example of the ads placed by a Craigslist scammer.

In this example the scammer was using the name Kayla B., the email was, and the title of the ad was I Know You Will Like Me

Here is the actual ad that this scammer used on Craigslist:

Sexual excitement comes easily to me. I'm very laid back, ready to listen if you need it, I think laughing is important and I don't waste opportunities! Im a pretty truthful person and I am a very direct and blunt person. My favorite position is doggy style I wear pigtails sometimes that I love to get tugged. I love doggy style because it makes me feel so carnal and primitive. Especially if you have a nice big dick to pound me with. I have been fantasizing alot about sucking dick lately too... its been a while lol. I'll be waiting for you guys to mail me.

Once I sent my test email I received the following email reply:

Hey, just got ur message back abouy my ad, i got a whole lot of emails from that lol... what plans do you have tonight, interested in getting together?

btw i attached my pic


Notice how sweet and personal the scammer tried to make this email sound. Also notice how the scammer didn't include a link to ant website. This is just to make the victim believe they are talking to an actual person.

So I replied to that email with my test email and here is what I got back:

I am interested in something thats NSA.. I also want to keep this discreet.- This is my first time doing this sort of thing online, so I am a bit iffy about it. About my age, yeah, I am young (in my mid 20s) but im definately hungry for someone with experience.

I guess the best way to make plans is to give me a call. Just visit LINK REMOVED BY CL SCAMS and verify that you arent a serial killer or rapist or anything. You dont seem like one but you can never be too careful. When you're done, my number is right there. You can either text me or call me so that we can make plans.


Here is the main email this scammer is using to make money. Kayla sounds so sweet doesn't she. Since this ad was in the casual encounters section, the scammer can assume that most people want to be discreet, and so does Kayla.

The link in this email brought the victim to a site called CraigSecure. This website is a known fraud site and has stolen money from many unsuspecting victims.

I then replied to that email with my test email and got this reply:


Im free if you wanna get together.

Oh yeah. About the credit card thing on that site, i joined it 5 months ago and ive never been charged Its like a safety verification to make sure ur not a sex offender....but i found a different site that u can do the same thing without using any credit card: LINK REMOVED BY CL SCAMS

Don't worry, the site she told you about in the first email is safe. She has used it herself in the past with no issues. In reality, the first site will pay the scammer a bigger commission for every new person that submits their details. But since a lot of people don't want to give their credit card number, Kayla was nice enough to tell us about another site in this email. In reality, she will also get a commission for every new member that signs up to that site as well. The commission just won't be as much as the other site.

I replied with my test email and received this:

I dunno... if you can't verify then i'd rather not meet up, it kinda freaks me out because of all the creeps online and such... if you wanna hook up thats all its gonna take... LINK REMOVED BY CL SCAMS is my profile.


The link in this email was another link to the site Kayla mentioned earlier, CraigSecure. This was one final effort to get us to sign up so the scammer could collect a commission.

I replied again and got nothing back.

This is how a common Craigslist scam in the personals sections works. scammer's website

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One of the websites I see the scammers in the personals sections using alot is called CraigSecure. Supposedly this website is nothing more than a free age verification website.

You need to enter your personal details on this website, including your credit card number. tells you the credit card is for age verification purposes only and no money will be charged to it.

In reality though, once you enter your details you are brought to a porn website and your credit card will be charged up to $40 per month for a memership fee. Often the first $40 charge happens instantly. If you are told to verify your age using a site that has in the address, or says CraigSecure anywhere on the page, do not enter anything!

You can find more information about CraigSecure, including a list of other peoples' complaints here: CraigSecure Complaints at