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Sunday, January 17, 2010 by CL Scams

One of the websites I see the scammers in the personals sections using alot is called CraigSecure. Supposedly this website is nothing more than a free age verification website.

You need to enter your personal details on this website, including your credit card number. tells you the credit card is for age verification purposes only and no money will be charged to it.

In reality though, once you enter your details you are brought to a porn website and your credit card will be charged up to $40 per month for a memership fee. Often the first $40 charge happens instantly. If you are told to verify your age using a site that has in the address, or says CraigSecure anywhere on the page, do not enter anything!

You can find more information about CraigSecure, including a list of other peoples' complaints here: CraigSecure Complaints at

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