Counterfeit Tickets-Another Common Craigslist Scam

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Buying tickets to almost any major event, whether it's a concert, sporting event or other type of show can be easily done on Craigslist. Just by doing a quick search, you can easily find the tickets you're looking for, often at an unbelieveable price. But it's so easy to get scammed when purchasing tickets, you need to do your homework before finalizing the purchase.

Probably the most common Craigslist scam involving tickets is selling counterfiet tickets. With today's technology, almost anybody can make a ticket that looks almost like the real thing. Knowing what the ticket is supposed to look like is your first line of defense when it comes to protecting yourself and your money. By comparing the markings, symbols and words on the ticket listed on Craigslist to the tickets sold on one of the many reputable online ticket sellers, you can tell if the ticket is legit or not. Bu you'll have to look closely, many counterfiet tickets are professionally made.

Before you give the seller any money, yu should ask to see a reciept of their original purchase. This is especially when purchasing season tickets. You want to make sure the entire season is paid for so you don't end up spending even more
money later on.

Knowing what the face value is for the tickets you are considering purchasing is another smart thing to do. Often people will spend more than the face value simply because they don't know what the face value is. Again comparision shopping on various ticket broker websites will give you a better idea if you are getting a good deal or not.

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