Common Craigslist scam-eWhoring the personals section

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Right now I want to talk a little about what is probably the most common scam found on Craigslist. It's called eWhoring and it is running wild in the personals sections.

eWhoring is most often found in the casual encounters under the W4M sections. eWhoring will be found in every city and has many different variations. The W4M sections are the most popular because men are always more willing to fall victim because they are more willing to do things with the hopes of having sex.

While eWhoring has many different variations, they all revolve around one objective, getting their affiliate commissions.

A scammer will place an ad as a woman looking for a hook-up. When the victim responds to the ad, they are sent an email reply that will try to get you to visit the website they tell you about to either see more of their pictures or to verify your age.

Once you visit the website you will be brought to a webpage the scammer has made. This page will ask for your details, and you will often be asked to enter your credit card number. Once you fill out the required information, you have done everything the scammer wanted you to do. They will get their affiliate commission, which can often be as much as $35-$45 per person. You will never hear from them again.

Often you will be actually signing up for a dating membership website that will then bill your credit card each month for the monthly membership fee.

If you want to protect yourself, don't enter any information. If you do respond to one of the ads posted by a scammer and you get an email asking you to visit a website that you will have to enter any informaion on, your best option is to move on. Delete the email and keep looking. Your chances of meeting this "girl" are none.

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